Creative Pregnancy Announcements

This past week I found out that I am pregnant with our second child. My husband couldn’t be more excited and is puffing his chest with manly pride. Rather than do the normal Facebook status of “I’m pregnant!” I wanted to do something cute and creative to share the news of our pregnancy with everyone.  So, I posted this photo:

creative pregnancy announcements

It took some a few minutes, but everyone caught on in the end (I’m Pr-Eggo).

Kim made this creative pregnancy announcement to bring to work along with food cupcakes back in 1999 when she was expecting her first child (her last name is Danger):

creative pregnancy announcements

Creative Pregnancy Announcements:

  • Wrap up the positive pregnancy test and give to your husband
  • Have an older sibling wear an “I’m the big sister/I’m the big brother” shirt to visit the grandparents
  • Get a maternity shirt with a funny saying on it and see if anyone notices
  • Wrap up a picture of the ultrasound to give to the grandparents
  • Buy some inexpensive plates at the dollar store and write “We’re pregnant!” on them.  Invite your family over for dinner, serving the food on top of the plates. Wait until they eat enough to read the news.

These ideas are from the Mommysavers Discussion Forum.  To read more creative pregnancy announcements, visit this discussion thread:  Ways to tell your family you are pregnant.

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How did you tell your family, friends and co-workers you were pregnant?  Did you have a creative way to share the news?