Marshmallow Peeps Craft: Easter Centerpiece

marshmallow peeps bunnies easter centerpiece

Marshmallow Peeps are so cute this time of year!  With supplies from The Dollar Tree, you can make a cute for less than $10.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • marshmallow peeps craftsTwo packs of Marshmallow Peeps (Bunnies) $2
  • Two packs of decorative glass $2
  • Vases from home
  • Fresh flowers $5

First, insert a smaller vase inside the vase so that your Peeps will stay dry (shown here).  Next, insert the decorative glass marbles (alternately, you could use jelly beans) into the vase.  Next, insert the Marshmallow Peeps into your vase.  Add water and fresh flowers to the smaller vase inside and arrange as desired.  You’ve got an easy, frugal centerpiece that looks great on your Easter table.

Thanks to All You Magazine for featuring this idea!


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    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I included your Awesome Tutorial in my post “Lovin’ Our Peeps” over at Love your Peep Centerpiece!

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    May I please use your Marshmallow Peeps Craft in a blog post I will be writing about Easter centerpieces? I will be sure to provide a credit and link back to this page on your website. Thank you for letting me know if you approve.


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