Money-Saving Tip: DIY Sweater Shaving

As you pull your sweaters out of storage this fall, you may find they aren’t in as good of shape as you remember. It seems like I never like my sweaters as well after they’ve been hiding in a box all summer, magically generating more and more pills. Even expensive and high-quality sweaters can get those fuzzy balls of fibers all over them, but cheaper sweaters are even worse.

This year I decided to finally try shaving the pills off my sweaters using a disposable razor. If you follow CVS or Walgreens deals, you know you can often get packs of disposable razors for free or nearly free. You might as well use them to give your sweaters new life! Warning: sweater shaving is completely addicting.

DIY how to sweater shaving

Grab an old sweater, t-shirt, or anything with pills (furniture?) and a disposable razor. You want to use a new razor, not a dull one. Lay the cloth on a flat surface and hold it tightly with one hand. With the other hand, razor over the pills to remove the fuzzies. Short, quick strokes worked best for me. Be careful around seams, and don’t press too hard. It is possible to cut your fabric with a razor.

Here are two other items I did.  You can see a swipe down the middle where I shaved the pills off.  The fabric not only looked nicer, it felt so smooth and soft.

DIY Sweater Shaving with a Razor

The other thing I used my razor to shave was the kids’ felt car playmat.  I have made a lot of homemade toys using felt, and they are definitely looking worn.  5 minutes and a disposable razor made this felt playmat look new!  In this photo, the left side has been shaved.  I shaved a tennis ball-sized ball of fluff off the playmat and it looks so good now.

DIY Sweater ShaverHas anyone else ever tried this? I can think of several sweaters I’ve thrown away in years past just because they were pilled and looked ugly covered in grey fuzzies.  Now, I’ll be able to make my sweaters new again.




  1. says

    I absolutely love to shave my sweaters and fleece and all kinds of pilly-things! 🙂 I think it actually works better than the battery-operated sweater shavers. Definitely agree that short, light strokes work best. The only thing is that it does take a bit of time because once you start, the part that you haven’t shaved looks shabby (even if if looked okay before) so this is a good project to do while you have a few moments and not as you’re running out the door!

  2. Lesley says

    I just saw this on pinterest…it worked wonders for my sweater! I am excited because just this morning I found it in the closet and though, “man, this is going to take FOREVER to clean up”. Well, it took me about 25 minutes to do my sweater and it is like BRAND new! 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Patty says

    I actually want to do my comforter. But I need to get an entire package of disposable razors. lol And it’ll take me probably several times. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Valerie says

    I have done this for years. Yes it works great, however watch out on certain kinds of fabrics that may wear thin quickly and if you snag a fabric that will run. So shave lightly. You will get a whole new enjoyment out of shopping second hand or even for some vintage items. When you can look past the pilling on an item and know what you can do to make it like new for you. Also this makes a great “movie project” pop in that movie you have seen a hundred times but can watch over & over again. Sit down with your pile of clothes, or comforter (in Patty’s case), a new bag a razors and you are on your way to some great satisfying work. =)


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