Muffin Tin Monday: Easter Bunny Lunch

This week’s Muffin Tin Meal is the first of my Spring/Easter themed tins.  I made an muffin tin lunch for Maggie.

The Easter Bunny muffin tin contains:

  • carrot sticks in a green flower silicone muffin cup
  • bunny-shaped sandwich with sour straw whiskers and Tic-Tac eyes (I just cut the bunny shape out with a knife)
  • Easter Egg Hunt yogurt (green yogurt with sprinkles)
  • sour straw bunny made from the leftovers (or worms, according to Maggie)
  • banana bunny ears

The Easter Egg Hunt yogurt was a big hit and she’s asked for it again. I’ll probably make it a few more times before Easter.

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