Muffin Tin Monday: Taco Tin with Homemade Tortillas

This week’s Muffin Tin Meal was inspired by other muffin tin meals I’ve seen in the Muffin Tin Monday link-ups.  A build-your-own taco dinner begs to be served in a muffin tin!  I made homemade tortillas in miniature for Maggie, cutting the dough with a cup.

Muffin Tin Meal: Taco Tin

Taco Muffin Tin Meal:

  • mini homemade tortillas
  • taco meat
  • cheese
  • cabbage
  • tomatoes and avocado
  • cilantro, plain yogurt, lime wedge

After I served her, I heard Maggie eating and saying, “Yum! Yum!”  When I sat down with my dinner, I realized she’d been chewing on the lime the entire time!  So I offered her another lime wedge if she ate the rest of her dinner – and she complied.

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