Our First Muffin Tin Meal

Since moving to India, I’ve had a hard time getting my preschooler to eat healthily.  In an effort to change that, I’ve decided to start participating in Muffin Tin Monday over at Muffin Tin Mom.  Even though most Indians don’t own ovens, I only had to go to two stores to find a muffin tin – I even found some flower-shaped silicone baking cups. So, I’m all set. Here is our first Muffin Tin Meal!

This week’s theme was Big and Little, Short and Tall.  We just got back in town this morning, so I did a small after-playground snack for Maggie.  I had Kannagi, our house helper, make some tiny chapati (tortilla-like bread) for her.  I also gave her a carrot (the carrots here are very short and fat), some peanut butter with a tiny tea spoon to spread it with, and mango juice.  These were the items that made up her muffin tin meal.

Maggie was a lot more excited about the mini chapati than she looks. When I explained about big and little food to her she said, “I don’t need big food, only little” and asked me to cut up the carrot.


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    Love it! Doing these (what she calls) “beautiful lunches” has helped us eat healthier too! But some days she wants the big carrot or apple, others she wants it cut up. Well, as long as they eat it! 🙂

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