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If you’re a stay at home mom, paid survey sites may be a way for you to earn a little extra to pad the family budget.  However, not all of them were created equally.  Below we’ve listed some of the more common survey sites along with reader feedback we’ve collected over the years.  Be sure to check out our discussion on the pros and cons of each one here.  As always, do your own research before committing to an opportunity.

Greenfield Online
This survey company pays cash as well as provides entries into sweepstakes (depending on the survey). This company sends out lots of surveys.

NFO Survey group

this one gives you points (10 – hundreds) for each survey you complete. Beginning with 1000 points (which is not that difficult to achieve) you can cash out your points for cash or stuff. They will also send you surveys in the mail sometimes with a couple of bucks in them

This pays for surveys, reading advertisements and doing searches. You get a $5 bonus for signing up and referring friends. Also, you get paid for signing up for any of their offers.

Take surveys and play games to earn points

Mindfield conducts ongoing Internet surveys for clients across America and beyond. This one isn’t a survey company – you get points for reading advertisements. You don’t have to buy anything. You can redeem your points for gift cards or cash to spend at online stores. You can also shop through their site to reputable venders, such as Gap, Kohls, Kodak, Snapfish, Yorkphoto and tons more. This is a personal favorite of many of us here at mommysavers, just because its so easy to do.

NCP (National Consumer Panel) Nielsen Homescan
Panel members are sent a small hand-held scanner. You scan the bar codes of the items you purchase every week and electronically send them the information from your scanner. By participating you earn points for which you can redeem for cash and prizes. Plus, you can make your opinions count in this consumer research.

Opinion Rewards

Points on this one also accumulate fairly fast. You can cash in points for gift cards here also.

Pinecone Research

Springboard America

This one pays cash for surveys taken. You can be paid as little as $3 and as much as $100 for a survey. Surveys don’t come all that often, but they are normally worth the time (5-10 minutes).

SWAG BUCKS are digital dollars that you earn by searching the web and taking surveys. They can be redeemed for prizes.

Register and get rewarded in points for taking surveys. Points can be redeemed for sweepstakes entries, shopping vouchers, or cash.

Valued Opinions

Zoom Panel
Zoom panel is another survey company where you accumulate points for surveys completed and can redeem them for gift cards. There are several gift cards, as well as “stuff” from which to choose. This company tends to send out lots of surveys and are fairly generous with their points, so you accumulate rewards fairly quickly

Click IQ
They don’t do a lot of surveys, and it’s slow to accumulate points. You need 2500 points to get a $25.00 check. However, the surveys are easy and quick to complete.

Global Test Market
Accumulate points for cash, and you can accumulate points quickly.


This works the same ways as Inboxdollars does: get paid for enrolling, completing surveys, and reading emails.


  1. Cortney says

    I have used Ipsos i-Say and love it. I havn’t used Panda. I also love e-rewards, pinecone, mindfield, and synovate.

  2. Nicole Parker says

    I am a member of most of the survey companies listed above and have been paid! Ipsos, Toluna, Mindfield, Swagbucks,Synovate,Springboard America, Myview and many others are great companies. You can earn gift cards, checks, paypal, or redeem points for prizes. There is also a site called, which is similar to swagbucks. It is an invitation only site. If anyone wants to join, let me know. Also, if anyone has any questions on other survey sites let me know. I have been taking them for over 5 years and it helps greatly with my Christmas shopping.

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