10 Surprising Other Uses for Downy Unstopables

Uses for Downy Unstopables10 Surprising Other Uses for Downy Unstopables

Downy Unstopables are designed to be used with your regular laundry detergent to extend the fresh scent of your laundry.  However, there are several other ways that you can use Downy Unstopables in your home.  A tiny amount of beads goes a long way.

  1. Give a Boost of Scent to Homemade Laundry Detergent:  Making your own laundry detergent can save a lot of money every year.  Read up on how to make your own HERE  Give the detergent a great boost by adding the Unstopables beads into the mix when you add the hot water (so they dissolve).  You want 2-3 teaspoons of beads for each gallon of laundry detergent that you make.
  2. Homemade Fabreeze-like Fabric Spray:  1/4 capful and water can make an entire bottle of fabric spray to refresh carpet, upholstery, and linens.  Find out how to make your own HERE. 
  3. Homemade Air Freshener:  Poke holes in the lid of a used clean baby food jar.  Add a teaspoon of Unstopables beads.  Seal the lid tightly and place it in direct sunlight or by heating vents in order to activate and circulate the fresh scent.
  4. Create a Homemade Sachet:  Pick up some of those tiny drawstring, mesh-like party favor/jewelry bags from the dollar store.  Add a teaspoon of Downy Unstopables to each bag.  Tie each one tightly and your have homemade sachets that can go in your drawers or linen closets to keep things smelling fresh.
  5. Kitty Litter Odor Reducer:  When you add fresh kitty litter to your cat’s box, mix in some Downy Unstopables.  It should extend the life of your kitty litter and make it smell fresher for a longer period of time.
  6. Vacuum Bag Refresher:  Spread some Downy Unstopables Beads onto your carpet and vacuum them up.  It will make the room smell good while you vacuum and help keep away that “musty” vacuum smell.
  7. Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Odors:  This can be done two ways.  If you need to get rid of odors right away, pour some of the beads down your garbage disposal, run and grind with hot water.  For a more long term fresh scent, pour the Unstopables beads down the disposal and let them sit overnight.  That will keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh longer.
  8. Get rid of Kitchen Garbage Odors:  Put a teaspoon of beads into a snack sized plastic ziplock bag.  Poke tiny holes in the bag with a sewing needle and place it in the bottom of your kitchen trash can (beneath the trash bag).  Plastic can sometimes absorb stinky smells.  The Downy Unstopables can help stop that from happening.
  9. Add Scent to Homemade or Scent-Free Baby Wipes:  Add a nice smell to scent-free wipes by adding a teaspoon of Unstopables beads to the bottom of your wipes container.  Over time, it will diffuse it’s smell into the baby wipes.  This also works well for homemade baby wipes. 
  10. Scented Foot Soak:  Add 1/2 teaspoon to a basin of hot water. Stir and dissolve the beads and then add cold water until it’s a comfortable temperature.  This makes a really nice and cheap foot soak.

*Note:  Not all of these uses will work for everyone.  Please check the ingredients to make sure no one in your home has allergies before using Down Unstopables.  This product may not work well with those with sensitive skin.



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