16 Reasons to Drink Water

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Hydration…for some people it’s easy, for others it’s hard. I get that.  I’m not a fan of drinking water unless it’s really cold.  Even then, I just never drank a lot.  I wish I had known and really understood before now how much drinking water would change my body and make me feel good.

You should drink a minimum of 64 oz or half a gallon a day.  I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s really just three 16 oz water bottles.  If you divide it up throughout the day and set goals, it becomes a lot easier. You can also add citrus, berries, cucumbers, mint, and other things to flavor your water.

Still not a water drinker?  Try herbal iced tea. I brew a gallon at a time and it lasts me about 2 days.  I started sweetening it LIGHTLY with honey or agave syrup after brewing (while it’s still warm).  Then I lessened the amount of sweetener I added each time.  After two weeks, I was used to drinking it unsweetened.  Strange how that works!

Here are the main reasons to drink water:

  1. Digestion:  This is a HUGE reason!  You might have a food intolerance or you could just be dehydrated.  Try drinking more before, while, and after you eat and see if it makes a difference.
  2. Spreads Nutrients  Helps the nutrients in the food you eat get to different parts of your body.
  3. Keeps Hormones Balanced:  This is part of getting the nutrients through your body.  Your hormones will be better balanced and you will feel happier.
  4. Cleanse Your Body:  Water helps to flush toxins and waste out of your system. Helps your kidneys work better.
  5. Keeps Skin Nice:  Long term hydration keeps your skin clearer and moisturized.
  6. More Energy:  Being dehydrated can make you feel tired and lethargic.
  7. Cure/Prevent Headaches:  Dehydration can cause headaches.  Sometimes chronic headaches can be prevented if you keep hydrated.
  8. Prevents Dry Scalp: Enough water in your body prevents that dry and itchy scalp.
  9. Helps with Dry Eyes:  The potassium and electrolytes help keep your eyes bright and hydrated.
  10. Regulates Body Temperature:  Keeps you from getting too hot too fast.
  11. Helps Exercise:  You lose a lot of water from your body when you sweat.  That water needs to be replaced quickly.
  12. Boosts Metabolism:  Drinking cold water in the morning can jumpstart your metabolism.
  13. Curbs Cravings:  Drinking water throughout the day and help keep you from getting overly hungry.  Doing that can help keep the cravings to a minimum.
  14. Reduces Cancer Risk: Keeping hydrated helps greatly reduce the risk of colon cancer and bladder cancer (both of which run in my family.
  15. Helps Your Body Regenerate:  Your blood cells and muscle cells need water to regenerate and stay healthy.
  16. Keeps your Brain Healthy:  Your brain is 75% water. Hydration improves brain function.

Need more reasons?  Well I’m not sure what to tell ya!  Just do your best and you will feel your best.

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