20+ FREE (or nearly FREE) Ways to Keep Your Family Active During the Winter

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The winter months can get really long and “cabin fever” can be a real problem.  Not only is it healthy for kids to be active, but it helps them sleep better as well.  Plus, family time can be hard to find but is always essential.  Check out these great activity ideas that will keep the entire family active.


  • Snow Fun: build a snow man, take turns pulling each other on a sled, have a snow ball fight, bring out the slip-n-slide, have a snowball target practice.
  • Make “snow paint” with water, food coloring, and spray bottles. See the instructions and ideas HERE. 
  • Make a “Duct Tape Sled” out of cardboard and duct tape! Such an awesome idea!
  • On nice days, bundle up and go to a roller skate park.
  • Take a winter nature hike: find animal tracks and do a scavenger hunt on a local nature trail.
  • Walk your dog or offer to walk a neighbor’s dog.


  • Have an indoor snow ball fight.  It’s easy and all you need is cotton balls or pillow stuffing.  See the details HERE.
  • Make a car track out of masking tape for Matchbox cars.  Find ideas HERE. 
  • Spider Web or “Lazer Course.”
  • Indoor bowling:  Use red plastic Solo cups and a tennis ball.

Use the resources you already have:

  • Have Wii? Use it!  Our local library actually has Wii games that you can borrow/rent for a pretty decent price.
  • You local library may also have non-fiction DVDs to borrow for free.  You may be able to find some exercise or yoga DVDs in the adult as well as the kid section.
  • Your library may also have CDs to borrow including Kids Bop and other dance DVDs for a “family dance-off.”
  • Do you have On-Demand or Netflix? I have Verizon Fios On-Demand.  I did a keyword search for “Fitness”  and was able to pull up a whole bunch of different workout videos that are FREE!
  • Do you have Amazon Prime? Since you are paying annually for the service, you might as well get the best use out of it.  There are MANY different kinds of workout DVDs for all different fitness levels and interests. Want to try martial arts?  Go for it!
  • Do you have Kindle Unlimited?  If you are a huge Kindle book reader, this is a must!  for $10/month you can borrow up to 10 of millions of books in all different genres.  Eligible books are indicated on the listing page.  Several health and fitness books are available to read for free including: Fitness for Kids. If you are already signed up for Kindle Unlimited than you can download them right now!

Here are some other great family fun resources:

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