21 Day Fix Health Challenge #2: 30 Days to a Happier You

Happiness Group

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I was going to wait until the first week in October to start my second challenge.  I decided I didn’t want to lose momentum so I’m starting a challenge group called, “30 Days to a Happier You.”  The Back to Basics Challenge I did was another 30 day challenge that focused on the basics or eating, exercising, and personal development.

This Challenge will be similar (like all challenges) because it involves a week of “pre-season” which is getting your measurements and getting to know others in your group (done by private Facebook page), etc.  Then it’s followed by a challenge which is 3 weeks of , working out, and personal development.

Personal development is going to take a forefront in the “Happiness Challenge.”  Participants (including myself) will be digging deeper into their own thoughts and minds.  The basis for and suggested reading of this challenge is, Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment.

Daily check-in and assignments will surround these ideas:

  • Learned optimism
  • New methods of self-talk
  • Self-tests
  • Ways to incorporate happiness in everyday life

Motivation and self-esteem are key to having a successful challenge.  Everyone seeks happiness in life and a lot of it comes from within yourself.  My personal motivation comes from the desire to be happy and healthier. I also want to literally get this weight off my body so I can feel “lighter.”  I also want to be a good examples for my young daughters.

Other Challenges I Personally Hope to Overcome This Time Around:

  • Eat smaller meals, more often
  • Double workouts (full hour instead of a half an hour)
  • Go to bed earlier (hard for an insomniac like me)
  • Take more time to slow my brain down and relax

Here are my personal 21 Day Fix Experience from my first round.

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