Beachbody and The Gift of Health for My Birthday

I turned 34 years old last Saturday.  In the past it’s a day that I would use as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, relax, and take a day for myself.  Last Saturday I woke up after an unusually good night of sleep and randomly decided to go to the gym.  I work out much better there because of the atmosphere.  Plus my kids can’t distract me.  I had no set goals or ideas of what I was going to accomplish.  I was just going to get on the treadmill and do whatever I felt like doing at the moment.

I love it because I can control the speed and incline. I can also keep track of my calories burned and my heart rate.  It gives me a goal to work towards. Plus I can use the incline to different muscles as well as up my heart rate with bursts of speed.  The gym is also great because they have televisions you can hook your earbuds up to and tune it.  Watching GMA or Live with Kelly and Michael makes time go faster.  One of my best friends also goes at the same time in the morning so we literally chat while walking.  It’s amazing how long you can walk when you are entertained by a conversation.

I called this friend and found out she was coming on Saturday morning.  We talked and before I knew it, I had walked 3 miles and burned over 500 calories!  Happy Birthday to me!  You have to understand that I never thought I would be enthusiastic about it.  I always hated working out and the idea of working out.  It’s amazing how much accomplishment I felt! I then went out for breakfast with my family and got a vegetable omelet with turkey sausage.  It was delicious after a workout.

It wasn’t really decided in advanced but sometime last week I decided that I was going to make a change this year.  It’s not officially a new year for anyone else but it is for me.  I want to set a new tone for myself.  I get headaches a lot, I’m overweight, I have digestive issues and my energy is really low.  I was also on day 19 of a 21 Day Fix Challenge and I decided not to waste what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve learned over the past month.

I hope that by the actual New Year I will be a couple sizes smaller, have a few muscles, and feel a lot better about myself. See my journey from the beginning HERE.  

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