Chicken Crock Pot Recipes: 50+ Easy Family-Friendly Recipes

:  50+ Easy Family-Friendly

Crock pot recipes are a great way to saving time and money on a great home-cooked meal.  Because it’s so versatile, chicken is frugal choice for crock pot cooking.  Typically, the least expensive way to purchase a chicken is bone-in.  Whole, legs, thighs, wings, breast, and quarters are all readily available.  Boneless chicken is a little more expensive and can be found in: breasts, tenders, and thighs.  Certain cuts are better for certain recipes, but often you can use bone-in chicken instead of boneless to help trim costs.

Here are over 50 tried-and-true easy chicken crock pot recipes:

* freezer friendly meals

Chicken Crock Pot Recipes: Soups/Stews/Chilis

Chicken Crock Pot Recipes: One-Pot Meals

Chicken Crock Pot Recipes: Serve Over Rice, Pasta, or Mashed Potatoes

Other Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

Short on time?  Check out this plan for making 8 crock pot freezer meals in a single afternoon!

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Easy Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

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