DIY Couples Halloween Costumes (10+ Ideas)

diy couples halloween costumes Couples

Here are some ideas for DIY Couples Halloween Costumes for adults that are going to or hosting any Halloween parties. After all who says that only kids can wear costumes and have all the !

diy couples halloween costumes80’s Couple

What a fun era to dress up from! Think Valley Girl, Top Gun, Ghost Busters, Flash Dance, leg warmers, mullet wigs and heavy metal rockers. To make this frugal be sure to check out thrift stores.

diy couples halloween costumesCaveman and Cavewoman Couple

This is super simple to make and all you need is two supply items: fabric and thread. These costumes can be really frugal if you have left over fabric lying around.

diy couples halloween costumesMy Name is Earl Couple

Dress-up as your favorite television show couple. In the picture shown is Dewdrop75’s (Mommysavers forum member) sister and brother-in-law dressed up as Earl and Joy.

diy couples halloween costumesRedneck Couple

Here is another really, really simple costume idea for couples! You can wear flannel shirts, Daisy Duke shorts, curlers in the hair, untied work boots, side pony tails and a mullet wig.

diy couples halloween costumesOld Couple

Head to your nearest thrift store and look for items such as orthopedic shoes, canes, and loungewear. Check for wigs, flashy clothing and add some extra padding to complete the look.

diy couples halloween costumesFred and Wilma Flintstone Couple

Super cute and only requires 6 sewing items. Thanks, curly_fry17 for sharing in our Mommysavers forum!

diy couples halloween costumesThe Princess Bride Couple

Transform yourself into your favorite movie couple. Shown above is MelodyRose (Mommysavers forum member) and her husband dressed up as Princess Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride.

More DIY Couples Halloween Costumes (Ideas):

  • Peach & Quiet Couple –  One person can dress up as a hippie and the other person can dress up as a mime.
  • Mouse & Cheese Couple – Take a square of yellow/orange costume felt, cut a hole for your head, and a triangular piece that you tie on your head like a bandana. The other person can wear black with ears and draw on a little mouse nose. Thanks, swishina!
  • Big Bang Theory Couple – Dress as Sheldon and Amy. For the guy wear some tan trousers, brown shoes, science type t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt under it. For the girl wear loafer type shoes that tie, skirt with colored stockings, a couple of shirts layered with a sweater, crossover body purse and glasses.
  • Duck Dynasty Couple – Dress as Phil and Miss Kay or any of the other couples. The guy can wear camo clothing with a beard and if you are going as Miss Kay get a short-haired black wig and wear an apron with clothing underneath.
  • Firefighter & Dalmatian Couple – These costumes are pretty simple to do especially the dalmatian all you need to do is wear white coloring and tape or hot glue black dots all over. Make some black ears to wear on your head that you attach to a headband.

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