DIY Family Halloween Costumes

diy family halloween costumes Family

Here are some DIY Family Halloween Costumes that our Mommysavers forum members have done before. They’re , creative and a great way to get the whole family involved in doing something together.

diy family halloween costumesPeanut Family

Charlie Brown characters, how cute! These family costumes are created using a lot of items that you already have on hand.

diy family halloween costumesAvatar Family

Go as your favorite Nickelodeon characters. In the picture above our forum member 3to4’s family dressed up as Avatar characters: Aang, Katara and Little Aang.

diy family halloween costumes Redneck Family

This family costume idea is very frugal as most of the items you can find in your own closet, at the thrift store and the Dollar Store.

diy family halloween costumesCaveman Family

These caveman outfits are super easy to make and if you have scraps of fabric lying around you can make them for next to nothing.

diy family halloween costumesWreck it Ralph Family with Bonus Owl

This is a great idea! Pick your favorite cartoon movie and dress up as the characters.

diy family halloween costumesZombie Family

This is a super simple idea, just head to your nearest thrift store and buys some clothing. When you get home tatter them up. Get some fake blood and scars from the Dollar Store and you’re all set.

diy family halloween costumesMinion Family

Quick and simple to do! Get a pair of jean bibs and a yellow long sleeve shirt, all of which you can find at thrift stores.

diy family halloween costumesHippie Family

Get some plain white clothing and tye dye them. Then add some jeans, sandals and peace necklaces and let the peaceful Halloween fun begin!

More DIY Family Halloween Costumes (Ideas):

  • Duck Dynasty Family – Wear anything camouflage, a beard and a bandana for the guys or a long-haired wig and dress for the girls.
  • Scarecrow Family – All you need is a flannel shirt and overalls – all of which are usually available at Goodwill.   Add a straw hat and use a hot glue gun to attach straw and patches to the overalls.
  • Flintstones Family – You can easily use the same ideas as the Caveman Family costumes mentioned up above.
  • Where’s Waldo Family – If everyone in your family wears glasses and even if they don’t this would be a fun one to do. Create this look using a striped red shirt, blue pants or jeans, a stocking cap and a camera.
  • Greek God and Goddess Family – These costumes are pretty frugal and easy to make. Just get a long white sheet, a gold belt, strappy sandals and maybe a bunch of grapes to carry.
  • Honey Boo Boo Family – All you need is a blonde curly wig, a crown, Go-go juice and a pageant dress.

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