Easy DIY Gift Ideas for Men Under $10

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gifs are so nice because they are frugal and they are more personal because of the time taken to make them.  Here are some easy gift ideas for men that cost less than $10 to make.

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Homemade BBQ Rubs:  Most men that I know love their grill.  So why not make them some home rubs?  You can get all sorts of recipes on the web.  Most spices are pretty inexpensive at stores like Aldi’s and the Dollar Store.  Cute jars can be found at any craft store for around $1 each.

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Manly Hand Scrub:  Sometimes regular soap doesn’t get paint and car grease off of the hands of your favorite guy.  Combine sugar with a manly smelling body wash, stick it in a nice container and you have a great gift.

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52 Things I Love About You: My kids and I made this gift for my husband one year. All you need a deck of card, a whole punch, and metal rings (or ribbon).  The kids helped me compile a list of things we love about their dad.  Then I just typed them up, printed them out, cut them, and glued them to the card.  This is one of his all-time favorite gifts.

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Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream:  No need to spend tons of money on the high-end shaving cream.  Try making some of it in your own home and putting it into a nice jar.

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Cubicle Snack Jars:  I love this idea!  You purchase three different jars and pick snacks that are sweet, salty, and sour.  The best part is the pictures of the kids on the jar.  Notice their expressions.  One child looks sweet, another looks salty (sassy), and the other one is making a “sour” face.  So fun!

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Mason Jar Bank:  Men always need someone to keep their loose change.  Just grab a quart mason jar (NOT wide-mouth).  You can actually purchase a coin bank lid on Amazon. Spray paint the jar and lid.  Then use stickers or patches of favorite hobbies, team logos, or super heroes.

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