Marshmallow Peeps Crafts: Bird Nest Rice Krispy Treats

marshmallow peeps nests

If you’ve been following Mommysavers for a while, you probably know that I get excited when Marshmallow Peep Season returns.  I’m not particularly fond of how Peeps taste, but I think they’re really cute!  Therefore, I try to come up with at least one new crafty Marshmallow Peeps project each year.

Still in the afterglow of the success of my Marshmallow Peeps Bunny Wreath, I found a forum post from last year with a cute new Peeps idea.  I have always wanted to try out these cute little birds’ nests, and I felt like there was no better time than the present.

First, make the Rice Krispy treats recipe as you normally would (don’t miss the *HOT* Kellogg’s deal HERE to get it for less).  Instead of spreading the Rice Krispy mixture into a pan for bars, divide into sixteen “nests,”making an indentation in the middle (tip: using a muffin tin may help you create uniform nest shapes).

Next, fill your “nests” with grass or straw.  You can use coconut colored with green food coloring for this, or the edible grass found at Target.  Add a few speckled M&Ms for the eggs, and top with a chick-shaped Marshmallow Peep.

The simplicity of this project makes it perfect for cooking with , and a wonderful Spring Break activity!

peeps at target
Marshmallow Peeps at Target
target edible easter grass
Edible Easter Grass at Target
Speckled M&Ms for Birds’ Eggs
Marshmallow Peeps Bird Nests


  1. Cheryl says

    I Love IT!!!! I have had to work spring break and the kids are with the babysitter so this will be a great early evening dont feel so guilty about being at work all day activity! Love the wreath too but in FL that would be a huge bug magnet!

  2. Jen R. says

    So cute, fun, and easy to make. I made these with my boys this evening and delivered them to our neighbors after dinner. We had blue and purple birds because that’s what my 3 year old picked out and we used coconut and 3 drops of green food color for the grass.


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