Money Gift Ideas: Money Chocolate Box

Money Gift Ideas: Money Chocolate Box

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Here is creative way to give money as a gift: a candy box of money!    A great thing about this DIY way to give cash is that you can give any amount you like. Make it all dollar bills for a fun inexpensive gift, or fill up the candy box with $20 bills as a creative way to give a lot of money.  This makes a fun Christmas gift for hard-to-shop-for teens, or a nice graduation gift.

Here’s how to make a box of money chocolates:

Buy a box of chocolates.  You can get a box for just a couple dollars at the grocery store or drug store.  Buy what you like since the next step is: Eat the candy. Save any paper cups, if the chocolate box came with any.

Once the chocolate box is empty, start folding the money in different ways.  Bills work best when folded in thirds lengthwise, rather than in half, to fit in most candy boxes.  Here are some ideas for different money shapes:

  • Fold the bill in thirds lengthwise.  Fold in half, then into thirds and tape into a triangle.
  • Fold the bill in thirds lengthwise, Fold into fourths and tape into a square.
  • Fold the bill in thirds lengthwise.  Roll up and tape into a roll.
  • Fold the bill in half or thirds lengthwise, then carefully fold up into a square, keeping the $ amount visible on the outside. Tape closed.
  • Add some coins for weight and variety.  Hide coins under folded bills for additional weight.
  • If you have a box with more flexible shapes than I used, you could also tightly roll a bill without folding it, or even try some origami shapes.

Looking for more creative ways to give money this Christmas?

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