Muffin Tin Monday: Spring Muffin Tin Breakfast

This week’s muffin tin meal was a tin.   I did another Spring-themed meal. (See my Easter Bunny muffin tin lunch, and Resurrection-themed muffin tin meal as well.)

Our Spring muffin tin meal had:

  • scrambled eggs
  • flower-shaped peanut butter toast
  • ladybug apple

I put everything in flower muffin cups, and used a ketchup packet to make a tree trunk.

To make the lady bug apple, I cut half a red apple into slices.  Then, using peanut butter, I stuck on some chocolate bar chunks to make ladybug spots and eyes.  This would be much cuter with actual chocolate chips, but of course they don’t have those in India.  Maggie liked her ladybug apple (and especially the spots) all the same.

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